All March seemed to offer us was a prolonged winter, but now we’re halfway through April and it already feels like summer has begun! With the sun shining and our lawns in need of mowing, this weekend is the perfect time to get outside and get cracking with our 7 ideas to liven up your garden this spring. No one has time for anything extravagant which may involve hiring a landscaper, may involve a month of hard graft, or simply is far too expensive, which is why our 7 ideas are perfect for those on a time and budget-conscious schedule. Each idea can take you less than one weekend, which means come Monday, you’ll be coming home to a beautiful garden every day of the week.

Feather Edge ShedGet organised with a shed.
Every garden project, no matter how big or small, requires a few tools, so you’re going to need somewhere to store these items. Whether you’re looking for a large-scale 10ft x 8ft shed, or a smaller 6ft x 4ft shed, we have a wide range for you to pick and choose from. Better yet, if you require a much smaller shed due to limited space, we’ve got you covered! At TFC Supplies Ltd, we can build bespoke timber sheds so you can have exactly what you want and need to kick-start your garden’s organisation. You can also choose from our two ranges; Sequoia Range or Spruce Range. To order yours today or get a free quote for your bespoke size, contact us. Read our Complete Guide to Sheds for information on finding the best shed for you and your garden.

Bring your garden to life with planters.
It’s amazing how much of a difference planting flowers and shrubs can make to your garden. They can give it an instance face-lift, brightening up the space and bringing it back to life after a dull, winter spell. You can either opt for hanging baskets to hang beautifully by windows and doors, you can use a variety of plant pots to scatter around the border of your house and garden, but you can also use timber planters to create a cost-effective border in your garden too. We have timber planters available to purchase at either of our sites, but you can also contact us for a free quote on bespoke planter sizes. Perhaps you want something fun like our Star Planter, or a standard box planter, or even a planter on a much larger scale. The choice is yours! Be sure to check out our range of soil for best results.

Create the perfect outdoor living space.Paving Slabs
Bring the comfort of your home outdoors by creating a lovely patio or decking area. We have a large selection of patio slabs to choose from, as well as a variety of sizes of decking boards available. Before you jump straight into it, take a look at our recent blog post on garden decking – this should help you plan ahead and ensure you take all the necessary steps to create the perfect outdoor living space.

Grow your own, mini allotment.
Now is the time of year to start sowing the seeds of a whole variety of fruit and vegetables, giving you your own project to start from scratch in your very own garden. Our Multipurpose compost is perfect for planting flowers, potting seeds and general ground maintenance. Get a variety of seed packs for your favourite fruit and vegetables, purchase all the necessary tools to start sowing the seeds and then allow them time to germinate.

Revitalise your garden fences & furniture.
We know garden furniture can be expensive, but you can simply revitalise the furniture you’ve already got! A lick of paint can do absolute wonders to your current garden furniture, and the same goes for your garden fences. You can either replace your current fence panels or simply paint over your existing ones to refresh you garden.


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