All About Trex Composite Decking Boards

We, TFC Supplies Ltd, are now stockists of the stunning Trex composite decking boards, and we want to introduce you to the new style of decking. Not everyone has heard of Trex before, or composite decking altogether. So let’s share with you the benefits behind choosing this for your new decking area, in comparison to our more traditional wooden decking boards.

Trex composite decking boards are the perfect choice for the sustainability-conscious and for those on the look-out for a durable composite decking product. If upkeep is also something you don’t want to have to think about once your decking is down, then Trex composite decking boards are one to consider. All boards are made from 95% recycled wood fibres and plastic.

Composite Decking Boards

There are three ranges to choose from:

Trex Transcend®

This range is a popular choice amongst professionals; tradesmen, contractors etc. It’s the original and best-selling range and features the signature high-performance Trex shell. This is what makes it suitable for even the heaviest duty applications with no maintenance required.

Trex Transcend® is available in five colours, giving you plenty of options to choose from. You can choose between: Island Mist, Lava Rock, Gravel Path, Spiced Rum and Tiki Torch.
View the range here.

Trex Enhance® Naturals

This range provides the beauty of wood in its appearance, but at an affordable price. It comes in a standard grade shell, with, with minimal surface texture and is rated for its value and performance for composite decking. This range is slightly smaller than the Trex Transcend® range, with only four colours to choose from: Calm Water, Foggy Wharf, Rocky Harbor and Toasted Sand.
View the range here.

Trex Enhance Basics®

This is the affordable and durable range; suitable for those on a tight budget for luxury, but still want to a durable product with minimal maintenance. You are limited to two colour to choose from in this range, but each colour is well thought out to offer a colour range which is natural; Clam Shell and Saddle.

Throughout each of the three ranges, you can choose between three different board types. Each range is available in two lengths; 3.66m or 4.88m, but with varying widths and depths. Not all board types are available in all size options, but let’s go through it!
View the range here.

Trex Composite Decking Boards

What board types are available?


This is where each board has a grooved edge on each side, creating a slot.
All three ranges are available in the Grooved option in the following sizes:

Solid Edge

This is where the board will simply have straight, solid edges; no notches or grooves.


This is similar to the Solid Edge board, but Fascia Boards are slimmer in depth.

How do I order?
With Trex composite decking, you can get your free quote from our team by calling 01782 791000 between 8am-5pm Monday to Friday or email – if you’re happy with the quote you can make the payment over the phone or visiting us in store at Moorfields Industrial Estate, Cotes Heath, Staffordshire, ST21 6QY.

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