All About Pressure Treated Timber

We manufacture and stock a whole variety of timber products, ranging from Closeboard Fence Panels to Timber Fence Posts and Picket Fence Pales. With timber products, it is important to ensure they’re well looked after to provide strength and durability to the product, but also the project you’re using them for. That’s why pressure treated timber is ideal.

Pressure treated timber ensures the timber product lasts. But, what does pressure treated timber mean?

When timber is pressure treated, it goes through a process where the product is penetrated with the chosen wood preservative treatment. At TFC Supplies, we provide two types of treatment:

Closeboard Fence Panels
Tanalith E Green
Closeboard Fence Panels 6x6ft Brown Treated
Tanatone Brown

Both treatments have the same benefits, but the only difference is their colour finish. Tanalith E Green wouldn’t be what it says on the tin; ‘Green’. Instead, this will fade to a light wood colour, as shown for this product for example. The Tanatone Brown on the other hand, will appear in a dark brown to begin with and will slowly fade to eventually be a little lighter. See this product for example.

When treated to the appropriate preservative, pressure treated timber is protected against fungal decay (rot) and insect attacks, so the timber product has an extended lease of life.

Typical uses for pressure treated timber include general construction, cladding, garden and leisure wood structures, fencing and playground equipment.

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  1. TFC Supplies Ltd says:

    Hi Mel,
    The brown-treated products will be brown on both sides – the picture which shows the back of our closeboard fence panels is for illustration purposes only and is taken using a green-treated fence panel.
    We will take note of your comment and ensure each product listing is amended to make this clear 🙂
    Many thanks,
    TFC Supplies Ltd

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