Building Your Own Fence Panel with Feather Edge Boards


Feather Edge Boards Fence Panels

Feather Edge Boards are an extremely popular fencing product and are used to produce bespoke fence panels to suit your requirements.

We’re a UK Manufacturer of Timber Products

We house a Stenner Horizontal Re-Saw Machine at our Staffordshire site on Moorfields Industrial Estate in Cotes Heath – a fantastic piece of machinery, which enables TFC Supplies Ltd to manufacture our own feather edge boards for public, trade and merchants. We’re even able to offer competitive prices both online and in the local Staffordshire area!

Feather edge fencing boards are more commonly used for Closeboard Fence Panels or also known as, feather edge fencing. It’s a popular style of timber fencing that you will see in most gardens today. That’s in addition to other fence panel styles available, such as Waney Lap Panels and European Panels.

How is Feather Edge Fencing Constructed?

Closeboard fencing is made up of posts and rails, with feather edge boards fixed vertically to the rails. To construct your own feather edge fence panels, rather than purchasing pre-built panels, you will need a number of products:

Timber fence posts – to keep the structure in place. You can opt for concrete fence posts instead, but aesthetically, timber posts are more appealing. You can either use concrete post mix to fix these into the ground, which will give you stronger support, or you can use post supports – these are quicker to install, but not as strong.

Timber railsthese get fixed horizontally between the timber fence posts which are fixed into the ground i.e. run across the back of each fence panel. The style of rail is up to you; you can opt for an arris rail which has a triangular cross-section, or you can have a flat rail.

Gravel boards – this is what will be fixed horizontally to the base of your fence panel. This fills any gaps which may appear at the bottom of your panels i.e. if you have uneven ground, or it runs on a gradient. Depending on the style you’re looking for, you can opt for a timber board, or concrete gravel boards. The concrete option would work better if you’re opting for concrete fence posts too.

Feather edge board – the quantity you require to make each fencing board is simply down to the size panel you’re constructing. Please feel free to call us on 01782 791000 or email to get free advice and guidance from our friendly team. We’re available 8am-5pm every weekday and 8:30am-12:30pm on Saturdays.

Capping strip – to finish the panel off, you may want to consider a capping strip. This is what will sit on top of the panel to neaten the edge. Not everyone opts for this finish, as it’s a personal choice.

The Importance of Treated Timber

Our feather edge fencing is available in a pressure treated green, or a brown finish if this is the treatment you prefer. Why have treated timber? Treated timber will protect your feather edge fence panels, and in fact all timber products, from rot and insect attacks. It also provides durability to the timber structure to ensure your fence panels remain intact and strong for years to come. This means you can shop with confidence at TFC Supplies Ltd.

If you’re on the look out for a traditional fence, we highly recommend our feather edge boards to construct your own. Short on time or manpower? Take a look at our pre-built closeboard panels our team of joiners have ready for you.


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