Flashings are used to cover openings where two cladding sheets meet. Whether you’ve acquired standard stock flashings, or a bespoke flashing to meet your exact requirements, each one receives the exact same attention to detail. Flashings are folded flat sheets which are used to over the joint between the side/wall cladding and the roof cladding at the gable ends of buildings. When it comes to flashings, we have standard stock availability which are available to order online or in-store. However, we understand every project is different and therefore may require specific measurements to be followed. That’s why we offer a bespoke service – if you can draw it, we can make it so to speak!

What we can offer

At TFC Supplies Ltd, we ensure everything is as it should be. From our triple measuring policy, to spot check inspections, we can ensure that every flashing is to the millimeter. 

Types of FLASHINGs

Flashings don’t come as just one standard shape or size – there are various types of flashings available. Here are some examples we supply at TFC Supplies Ltd:

  • Ridge Flashing: this is used at the apex joint of two side of the roof.
  • Barge Flashing: this is used at the end of a run of sheets to trim and seal off the edges of the roof. 
  • Drip Trays / Sill Flashings: these trim the bottom edge of vertical side cladding or window and door reveals, for a perfected finish. 
  • Corner Flashing: this is used to finish off the corner joint of buildings. 
  • Hood or Jamb Flashing: this type of flashing is used to finish off doorways for a flush finish. 

Although we have these standard types of flashings available, we also welcome bespoke orders. If you’re in need of a custom made flashing to suit your specific requirements, then please contact our Cladding Sales Executive, James Bourne, on 07947 635988 or james@tfcsupplies.co.uk