Now the weather is brightening up and is hopefully staying dry for a couple days, you can start to plan your next gardening project. Whether your garden is simply in need of a little TLC and general maintenance, or needs a few repairs due to the bad stint of weather, the team here at TFC Supplies have a range of top tips to help you take those first steps. Everyone can follow these simple gardening tips to get them started with freshening up their garden space and adding a bit of colour.Gardening

Start planning your garden
Every project, no matter how big or small, needs to start with a plan or a couple ideas to get you started. Decide what it is you’d like to work on, and start planning around this. When it comes to planting flowers and trees, or growing fruit and vegetables, you need to plan where you’re going to plant/grow these and ensure it’s the best place for them to grow at their best too.

Pick your plants
Have you chosen the flowers you want to brighten up your garden for spring? Some people have a preference for particular flowers, but go with whichever plants appeal to you most. Plants which are easy to grow and perfect for amateur gardeners are:
Merigolds, Sunflowers, Geraniums and Pansies to name a few. These are beautiful, colourful and fun flowers which are sure to liven up every corner of your garden.

Start planting!
This is where you decide to either plant in the ground, or in a planter you’ve bought. You can do a combination to grow flowers at different levels, but ensure you’ve bought a decent sized planter to allow your flowers space to bloom. We offer bespoke sizes when it comes to planters, as well as some fun shapes, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your request and we’ll offer you a free quote!

It’s also important with this step that you use the best compost for the job. Below are the variations of compost we have available online and in-store, so take a look at which one you think would be best for you:
Go Green Coco Compost – This is easy to use and eco-friendly, plus is great for those with small storage. It absorbs water easily, even when dry, offering you fantastic results. Find here.
Seed & Cutting Compost – This is specially formulated to contain all essential nutrition and trace elements for healthy plants. It supports healthy germination and seeding development and is ideal for seed sowing, cutting and sensitive species. Find here.
Multi Purpose Compost – This compost includes all the essential nutrients needed to support healthy development and growth for brilliant results. Ideal for seed sowing, cuttings and bedding plants. Find here.

Water regularly
It’s important that you water your seedlings daily while they are still small, to avoid them drying out. If you’ve planted store-bought flowers however, you won’t need to water these as often. Instead, opt for every couple of days, but more so if the weather is hot and dry for long periods. To minimise evaporation, consider watering your plants in the early morning.


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