How Your Garden Fence Can Add Value to Your Home

When it comes to adding value to your home, you may think of the obvious factors; new kitchen, new bathroom, plus even updating the smaller things like door handles, or giving the walls a fresh lick of paint. But, did you ever consider the fact that your garden fence could add value to your property?

It’s not an obvious factor, but it can certainly do the trick if done correctly and good quality fence panels are used. The garden is one of the most important elements of a home for most people. When house hunting, most people want minimal stress added to it, which means they want a home and garden that’s ready to move into without the need to have to update anything themselves. Based on a recent survey The Telegraph did, a well-maintained garden can add as much as 20% percent to your property value. Now that would be a nice lump sum, wouldn’t it?Dastra European Fence Panels

What are the factors of a quality garden fence?

Privacy is number one. Depending on the layout of the surrounding area, most have neighboring property overlooking our back garden. Therefore, a garden fence adds more privacy and therefore can come across more appealing during house viewings. The likes of our Dastra European Fence Panels wouldn’t add as much privacy to your garden as our Closeboard Fence Panels, due to the nature of the trellis design, but that does bring us on to our next point.

Decoration is key. A concrete panel or feather edge board fence panel will do the job when installed correctly, but the trellis element of some fence panels adds a stunning finishing touch. This is typically at the top of the fence panel, therefore doesn’t necessarily take away your privacy. The way you could add a decorative touch to a closeboard fence panel, is by using our Rock Faced Gravel Board as the base, then placing the timber fence panel on top.

When it comes to installing your garden fence, it’s always best to consult a surveyor to ensure you only install your garden fence within your garden boundary. This is to avoid conflicting with neighbours or having to re-do all your hard work later down the line.

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