Keep your garden looking neat, tidy and weed-free with our broad range of bark & soil. Our high-quality bark provides a cost-effective solution for creating attractive beds and borders, or play-areas, whilst also deterring weeds. In addition, we have a variety of compost available, including our eco-friendly Go Green Coco Compost and our highly nutritious Vermiculite Compost Minerals for something a little extra.

Bark, Soil & Compost

£6.00 incl.VAT £5.00 ex.VAT
£2.34 incl.VAT £1.95 ex.VAT
£4.50 incl.VAT £3.75 ex.VAT
£10.50 incl.VAT £8.75 ex.VAT

Unsure which one you may need for your project? Contact our team today on via phone, email or even send us a quick message on Facebook, and we’ll do everything we can to help you select the right product for your gardening project.