We have a number of Facing Bricks in stock and ready to supply to you for your upcoming building project. These are multipurpose facing bricks which can be used for a wide range of projects. Whether it’s for building a house, an extension, or something else, our facing brick will give you a fantastic finish. Due to their strength and durability, they can also be utilised for building decorative walls.

Facing Bricks

£0.62 incl.VAT £0.52 ex.VAT
£0.48 incl.VAT £0.40 ex.VAT
£0.73 incl.VAT £0.61 ex.VAT

Our range includes Red Smooth finishes, our Manorial Red Clay bricks and also an Etruria mix and Carlton Brodsworth mix. A number of sizes are available, so the choice is yours. Got any questions? Simply contact us for help.