PVC Plastisol

PVC Plastisol is a high-grade coating, which is applies to the raw steel product. This type of coating provides an extremely robust finish, which is scratch resistant and protects the raw steel from the elements. Due to its high gloss leather grain finish, it is also very aesthetically pleasing. PVC Plastisol is so effective that we’re able to offer a huge 25-30 year material guarantee. 

What we can offer

Our PVC Plastisol coating is applied to both our 0.7mm Roof Cladding and 0.5mm Side/Wall Cladding. This coating comes with a fantastic 25-30 year guarantee, so you can be rest assured that quality and value for money is what you’re receiving with our Box Profile Cladding

0.7mm pvc plastisol box profile cladding

Our 0.7mm PVC Plastisol Box Profile Cladding is a premium product. It’s the ideal solution for cladding the roof of any building, from a workshop to livestock housing. It’s easy to install, which makes it an ideal material for roof cladding. The 0.7mm grade sheet ensures a strong and robust sheet which is capable of bearing weight. This is extremely important when you take weather conditions into consideration; heavy snow for example. 

0.7mm pvc plastisol, ANTI-CONDENSATION LINED box profile cladding

Our 0.7mm Roof Cladding is also available with Anti-Condensation Lining. If you choose this option, the Anti-Condensation Fleece is applied to the internal side of the sheet. It ensures no internal condensation occurs when temperature differences occur inside the building. This is extremely important for the likes agricultural buildings such as Grain Stores and Livestock Sheds, but for any type of building where you want to avoid condensation. 

0.5mm pvc plastisol box profile cladding

The 0.5mm grade sheet is the perfect solution for side cladding. As side or wall cladding doesn’t withstand the same harsh conditions as roof cladding, a thinner grade of sheet can be applied. This creates a more cost-effective product which is lighter, making installation even easier.