Tek Screws

Tek Screws are a fast, easy and reliable way to fix cladding to its supportive material. Each Tek Screw has a 5/16″ Hexagonal Head, which makes driving the Tek Screws in a far safer and easier task. In addition, their single course thread means they bind securely in to the intended material. 

What we can offer

At TFC Supplies Ltd, we will supply all the stitching tek screws you need to bind the cladding together. We also stock tek screws which are suitable for use with light steel, heavy steel and even timber. We’ve got all areas covered when it comes to cladding supplies, no matter how big or small the task may be.

TEK Screws

In addition to Tek Screws, we are also able to offer you Coloured Tek Screw Caps. These caps give your cladding project the finishing touch of perfection. The screw caps are easy to apply and are simply pushed onto the exposed hexagonal cap to keep it looking flush. You can purchase these caps in a colour of your choice. For example, if you’ve opted for Juniper Green cladding, you can purchase Juniper Green Caps so everything blends in and no screws are exposed.