Here at TFC Supplies Ltd we know fencing and we have a wide selection available. We know it can be challenging to decide which fencing is right for you, so we put together this guide to help you with your fencing needs.

Fences are the most common and cost-effective way to secure your garden or outdoor space. Whether you are looking to fully remodel your garden, revamp your current panels or repair a damaged panel, we’re here to help you.

At TFC Supplies Ltd we have a variety of options for you to choose from when it comes to fencing:

  • Timber Fence Panels – We have Closeboard to Waney Lap, Trellis to picket fences for you to choose from in a variety of sizes.
  • Timber boards and rails – We have selection of timber rails and boards to create your own custom fence or to create a continuous run as an alternative to individual panels.

What you need to consider before you begin

What is the purpose of your fence?

To ensure you pick the right fence for your project it is important to decide what the main purpose of the fence will be. If primarily you are looking to use your fence as a border, then we would recommend looking at a tall solid fence. This will ensure you have plenty of privacy and these are the most secure fences for this purpose in our range.

If, however, you are looking at sectioning off part of your garden for more decorative purposes, then you may wish to choose a smaller fence or potentially look at our range of trellis.

If you let our team know what you are looking to do, they will be happy to go through the options available to you.

Which fencing is going to be right for you?

Timber fencing is the most popular and traditional choice for fencing. At TFC Supplies Ltd we have several choices for your fencing needs.

Timber Fence Panels

Ready-made wooden fence panels are great if you are looking to revamp your garden by installing a brand-new fence or if you are replacing a single panel. Wooden fence panels are easy to install and are available in a variety of styles which can be seen below;

Feather Edge Closeboard Fence Panel

  • Closeboard Timber Panels – At TFC we manufacture our own closeboard panels. With their vertical overlapping design, they are both strong and aesthetically pleasing. As standard, these panels come at a width of 6ft, however, if you are looking for something smaller in a ready-made panel, our fantastic joiners will be able to help with your requirements. All our closeboard panels are pressure treated offering a long-lasting protection.


  • Waney Lap Panels – With their horizontal design Waney Lap panels are a great budget option for any garden. These panels are dip treated with a water-base treatment to preserve the panel. This will need to be treated regularly to keep your fence looking its best.


Round Top Picket Fence

  • Picket Fence Panels – We manufacture our own panels here at TFC Supplies. We produce both pointed and round top panels. These panels are ideal to use for sectioning gardens or marking boundaries where privacy and security are not a necessity.


  • European Panels – Our bespoke panels are our high-end panels and are both decorative and practical. These panels are available in a variety of sizes and heights. These panels finish at 1.8m as opposed to the traditional 6ft.



Timber Boards & Rails

Another option for boundary fences would be to use rails and individual boards to create a run of fencing.  Our feather edge boards come in a variety of sizes up to 2.4m These boards are tapered to one size to allow to be overlapped to create the close board finish.

What will you need next?

Fence Posts and Gravel Boards

Whether you are looking to fit ready-made fence panels or using boards and rails, you will need to secure your fence using posts from a range of our fence posts. First choice you have is timber posts or concrete posts. Both posts can be used for all our ready-made fence panels and we have a selection posts to use with timber boards and rails for a running closeboard fence.  We have both square and round posts available for using with rails.

We have a range of gravel boards in both concrete and timber which can be used to increase the height of your fence or to add an extra element to your fence. The use of gravel boards also reduces the damp from the ground causing rot or mould on the panels. This barrier can increase the longevity of your fence.

Fencing Accessories

In some cases, you may be putting up a fence on a concrete surface where digging out to fit the posts is not an option or you could be fencing on turf which requires the posts being fitted without digging into the ground. We can provide supports for these scenarios to ensure your fence is secure either with drive down post spikes for turf or with bolt down for concrete surfaces.

We also have a variety of fence panels and trellis clips which enable you to attach the panels to your walls and posts.

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