Trellis Fence

A Trellis Fence is the perfect way of adding beautiful decoration to your garden.

What is a Trellis Fence?

Trellis fencing is a decorative alternative to the likes of Lap fence panels. There are various styles available to suit your preference. Typically, you would find a rectangular timber frame, with diagonal timber strips within this frame to create diamonds slots. You may also find trellis panels which have a straight grid style within a timber frame, not diamond-style. Trellis Panels

How can I use a trellis screen in my garden?

Normally, you would install fence panels as security around your garden and for privacy. However, a trellis screen could act as a divider between sections in your garden. You can place them at the back of planters to create a frame which climbing plants could use as support; roses, ivy or even grape vines.

Or our decorative screens could even be used in a similar way to stock proof fencing; perhaps you have a large piece of land behind your garden which isn’t utilised and doesn’t get footfall or visitors from livestock. But, you wish to find a way to separate your garden from that land. A trellis fence could act as a decorative border. They can also provide an attractive way to hide unsightly sheds or compost heaps. You can be as creative as you wish when it comes to using this product. You’re fortunate that it’s a versatile product, allowing you the freedom to utilise it in various ways.

Our trellis fence panels are all pressure treated (unless stated otherwise). This will help to prevent rot, insect attacks and ensure durability.

At TFC Supplies Ltd, we stock one of the more traditional and popular styles of trellis panels – trellis slats with diamond design. Online, we stock these in three standard sizes: 300mm, 600mm or 900mm – all at a height (or width depending on which way you’re installing it) of 1830mm (6ft). Should you require bespoke fence panels, you can contact us for more information.

Are there other ways you can use a trellis screen in your garden?

Yes. We’ve shared ways you can utilise them as a decorative border or for climbing plants, but if you want security, privacy and decor all in one, then consider our European Fence Panels. These are your strong and durable fence panels, but with a trellis topper which is curved to add a beautiful finish to your garden.Trellis Fence TFC Supplies Ltd